Massage and Flexibility for Everyone!

Our degreed and licensed specialists use a variety of techniques to assist you in resolving flexibility and pain associated with aging, sports, illness recovery, work and other flexibility and physical stress problems.  Our therapists work directly with the 2XL Strength & Fitness personal trainers, as well as other personal trainers, coaches and healthcare professionals, to assist you in improving your quality of life.

Massage and Fascial Stretch Therapy

Our first step is to determine a recovery strategy through a needs assessment.  Your therapist will discuss your particular needs and history in order to develop an individual strategy to improve your quality of life.  Whether it is sports or injury pain, flexibility, lower back, joint and muscle discomfort, or running/jogging related pain.


Massage Therapy – Fascial Stretch Therapy

Rocktape – Kinesiology

Neurokinetic Therapy

Body Tempering

Voodoo Floss Bands

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Janel Vegter 855-797-5438 ext 205 email: JVegter@2XLBodyWorks.com

or Becky Wilson 855-797-5438 ext 204 email: RWilson@2XLBodyWorks.com

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